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Find out more about William Wisting, star of the Wisting TV series, here. The Katharina Code. Jørn Lier Horst. 2019-04-14 He was the brother of actor Albert Austin. Career. Of the numerous silent films Austin appeared in, he is best remembered as the sidekick friend of Clara Bow in Bow's best known film It (1927).

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Management Chefsutredaren William Wisting får båda… Två lik dyker  Actor: 1. Wisting (2019), series William Wisting. 2. Valkira (2017), series Ravn.

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William wisting actor

Bergslagsgatan 5 Lgh1302 Ayse Wisting.

Seventeen years ago William Wisting led the investigation into one of Norway's most notorious criminal cases, the murder of young Cecilia Linde. When it is discovered that evidence was falsified, he is suspended from duty. It looks like a man has been wrongly convicted, and suddenly the media are baying for blood. It turned out to be William Wisting, a fair-minded, exemplary policeman, but above all a decent and genuine human being.
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William wisting actor

Han är samvetsgrann, noggrann och sympatisk.

Suddenly, an old case comes back to haunt Wisting, and a dreadful accusation is hurled at him. The first season of the TV series starring detective William Wisting is under production. For an author, adaptation is a nervous process.
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Based on novels by Jørn Lier Horst, the 10-part series tells the story of Norwegian homicide detective William Wisting chasing an Leading Norwegian theatre and film actor Sven Nordin stars as Detective William Wisting. Meanwhile, Line – Wisting’s intrepid journalist daughter – is chasing headlines, leading her straight into the path of the serial killer.

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Den erfarne utredaren William Wisting stängs plötsligt av från sin tjänst vid polisen. Han misstänks ha fabricerat bevis i en mordutredning sjutton år tidigare. Mannen som dömdes för brottet är frisläppt och Wisting angrips av både kollegor och medier.

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Martin Haugen. Nadia Krogh. Leif Malm.

Älska mig. William J White Byggnadsunderhåll. Bergslagsgatan 5 Lgh1302 Ayse Wisting. Trädgårdsgatan 14. 602 24 Actor Konsult HB. Gamla Landsvägen 29 A. An Actor Prepares An Evening I am William (Jeg Er William ) [PRE] I Can Only What's My Name | Muhammad Ali Who Is America? Wild Wild Country Wisting Leaving Neverland Legion Leif & Billy Liberty Westworld What's My Name | Muhammad Ali Who Is America? Wild Wild Country Wisting Young Sheldon Zelzal Every year on October 9th Chief Inspector William Wisting takes out the files to his workshop; a Japanese Noh actor rehearsing; a fanatic of Baroque music.